Understanding Routine

9:56 pm

Working in central London can be both torturous and rewarding.

Oxford Street stretches out into an endless row of large outlet shops and supermarkets. These in turn are complimented in structure and tone by tiny independent tat stores and multi-cultural restaurants. Naturally, this means people - people on holiday, people with children, people in desperate need or want of heavy retail therapy.

In the mornings, however, a different section of the society takes reign.

Starting from 8:30 a.m, professionals pour­ out on to the street - a large section trying to defeat the peak hour on the tube by choosing an innovative commute path - buses, cars, motorbikes, cycles, scooters, roller blades, skating boards, walks, runs. Each path comes with its own ‘costume kit’- a holder of secret identities - of dresses, make-up, high heels, hair pins, perfume, deodorants, blazers, ties, clean socks, and stockings. Once the costume has been given final finishing touches, they snake their way to their respective offices through hidden short-cuts. They leave behind a trail of surprised tourists who are caught unaware by this burst of energy so early in the day.

It’s an interesting study to map the differences that make these hardworking, strong skills-bearing, tax-paying people the powerful but good willed professionals that they are aspiring to become.

Every detail is important. The smallest things that they change about their appearance to look respectable and yet different; the media tools they use to take their lives with them wherever they go; the personalised schedule slots that they create for themselves so that suddenly those twenty minutes on the tube or the duration of the customised route that they have chosen for themselves, are the most precious moments of their day.
Till you find that you are listening to your unique playlist, thinking about how you would like to commute the next day, clutching a book in one hand, and rummaging around in your handbag for your own special, compact, make-up kit – and then it’s an interesting study in an entirely different way.

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