Identifying the Trees I love

11:03 pm

Trees inspire and humble me. That a life form can be so generous and serene and live to be so ancient, is something I never tire of marveling.

In an effort to understand the ones in my immediate vicinity better, I have...trumpets and cymbals...procured a Collin’s Guide to British Trees.

As a small first-time project, I went out for a walk one afternoon and tried to name 3 types of trees that I love being in the company of. I’m not a 100% convinced about any of these and will probably have to make another trip and look for different features. But guesses for now:


Silver Birch (Betula pendula)
Basis: The bark seems fissured at the bottom and breaks up into rectangular plates.


Row of Sessile Oaks (Fagacae)
Basis: The leaves on the ground and the bark.


Small Leaf Gum Tree (E parviflora)
Basis: Leaves, fruits, branches, bark.
It will fill me with indescribable amounts of joy, if you, dear reader, tell me in the comments section:
What is your favourite tree of all time and what do you know about it?

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