An Uninvited Guest at the Parakeet Breakfast Party

7:42 am

Top of the morning, Ladies and Gentlemen,

The parakeets were just about to swoop down to the bird-feeder for breakfast but were beaten by a small beautiful creature with black and white feathers and a dash of red.

One of the parakeets couldn't wait any longer and joined this uninvited guest, squawking his arrival loud as ever, and flapping about to shoo off the other birdie. But the black-white-red bird continued to munch without a care, looking determined and single-minded in a very dignified way, till he had his fill and then flew away.

What a surprise for our party.

I have just discovered what the bird was - a 'Great Spotted Woodpecker' and would have never imagined a woodpecker to look like that. The woodpeckers I spotted in India were always brown with a crown on top of their heads.

I think I now want to understand evolution at a different level altogether.

Hope you all have fantabulous days.

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