Britain - 'We've Had Five Years, What A Surprise'

9:10 pm

In September 2014, I complete five years in Britain.

This album is a celebration of some of the most beautiful places I have  been to from 2009 - 2014 (that led to some of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had).

Sometimes, places in Britain are beautiful for their subtlety and the other times, for the emotions they evoke with the passing of each season or with the poetic names of places.

There are 100 photos. 100 experiences (sometimes multiple perspectives of the same place) that shaped my personality, overwhelmed me with beauty, and made me feel fortunate to be alive and aching for new experiences.

These are photos of places because those places facilitated conversations, glorious feasts, laughter, contemplation.

Most of the times, I traveled with friends; but sometimes, I went with strangers and sometimes I went alone too.

In my first year, I was perpetually surprised by having a whole field or forest to myself and it's something I still marvel at. I urge you to find a place on the map and visit it on your own at least once.

If I'm lucky, perhaps some of these snapshots of my life will transport you back to that day in the past, that we shared together or perhaps, they will inspire you to travel to places that are hidden, to go on a long ramble in the countryside (despite the weather), to hop on a train to a station with a funny name...

Britain is out there, waiting to be explored, in a way that is entirely yours.

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