Lunchtime Walks Series

10:26 pm

This autumn, I decided it was about time I documented my favourite moments of a weekday - my daily lunchtime walk.

In the last four years that I have worked at my agency, I have tried to go out every day, despite rain, snow, or hail, even if just for a few minutes.

Going outdoors after a few hours with a computer is a necessity. It helps me think, get calm and even improves my productivity.

Every time I go out, I feel like I am rewarded with a different perspective of the streets, squares, parks, people, trees, buildings and spaces that surround our agency.

Sometimes I go alone but other times, my lovely colleague and  
friend, Emily, accompanies me and our walks are sparked by many life changing conversations:)

The idea was to capture photographs of the areas around our agency in West London for four weeks.

(Perhaps, one afternoon, you will go out at lunch for some neighbourhood exploring in your part of the world and tell me all about it:))
Series 1 - Sun. Hyde Park.
Series 2 - Sun. Marleybone High Street, Manchester Square and Paddington Gardens.
Series 3 - Rain +Sun. Portman Square, Montagu Square, St Mary's Church, Paddington Gardens.

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