Welcome to 'Truth, Fiction & Satori', dear Reader.

 I am Sneha. There are stories floating about everywhere, and I try to pin them to this space.

At times there is truth, at times there is fiction, and at times there is 'satori'.

I grew up in different places around India (Bangalore, Delhi, Pathankot, Pune, Ooty), live and work in London, and thrill in every opportunity of travel - to a street in the neighborhood, or to a different country.

Travelling far or near is exciting but I am equally fascinated by bringing adventure and spontaneity into my daily life.

It delights me that you are here now; in this simple celebration, perhaps even a party, where I can tell you all my stories, and maybe you can tell me yours.

A bookmark - Why I must persevere with creativity

 In an existence etched out from day to day, confused by the distraction and noise that society often brings, it can be trying to breathe energy and momentum into those sketches of ideas that float inside you. Thoughts don’t surface the same way you imagined, characters’ voices sound stilted, musical notes convince you that you have heard them before elsewhere; there seem to be infinite other ways to express yourself better.

Yet, something moves us to fabricate those objects, thoughts and words into being. How do we find the determination and perseverance to shape those fragments, forms, emotions so they gain weight, cease to be an apparition and become visible?

We may create for others, for ourselves, to communicate our deepest thoughts, because it’s fun and because we can. Creating, after all, is an instinct as old as human life itself.

But certainly, we also owe something to our creations. And in order for them to be wholesome and true, it may not always be possible to take shortcuts or to force them into existence. Just as life, a labor of patience, consistency and foremost, being kind to yourself and your aspirations, may perhaps aid the quality of life that those creations have the potential to lead.